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Workplace Practices

High-Performing and Engaged

To deliver and focus on what matters most employees need to have a clear understanding of what is expected of them. Good and consistent workplace strategies, practices, policies and employee communications help your team to be more productive, creative, adaptive and happy.


Your team members are essential in identifying more creative solutions that will meet their needs. That's why we co-design workplace policies and practices directly with them. Because they are involved in the process of exploring, deciding and implementing the solution, they are also more likely committed to make it a success.

The Design Cycle

1. Pre-work

We start by setting out the initial purpose and establish guiding principles of how to work and make decisions. Then, create a Task Force that will be best placed to take forward the project.

2. Collect Insights

Together with the Task Force we will consolidate our understanding of the current situation by gathering and analysing data. We will use research to identify best practices that will not only inspire the Task Force but also fit the organisation.

3. Generate and Evaluate Options 

We then brainstorm the options that could improve team effectiveness and engagement. We assess the value of each option and decide which ideas to take forward.

4. Test

We pilot the idea(s) on a small-scale to test our assumptions. We'll gather feedback on the outcome(s) with a view to learn and improve. We can repeat this cycle if required.

5. Launch

We will introduce our workplace policy, practice or procedure once it is viable to launch with the wider team. We can train the team and launch a communications campaign to ensure understanding and the skill levels to implement successfully.

6. Review

After the launch, the Task Force will provide feedback on the design cycle to capture learning. They will also continue to collect insights by regularly reviewing feedback on the policy, practice or procedure so it can evolve with the needs of the team.

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