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For Huddle&Learn, feedback is critical to learn and grow. This is why we encourage our community to share their comments constantly with us. Here you will find some of the clients that have trusted us. Feel welcome to read about their experiences.

Foreign & Commonwealth Office

“At the British Embassy Santiago, we pride ourselves on having a flexible approach to the way we conduct our business. Prior to the Covid-19 global pandemic, working from home was an option we offered staff, though for most this was an ad hoc occurrence. Covid-19 changed all of this, our new operation model relied on all of our staff being able to effectively work from home. This unexpected shift in how we work, also presented new challenges to us, with one of the most prominent being how we balance our operational need with staff’s own wellbeing. From previous experience of having to work from home during the social crisis in Chile back in October 2019, we knew that many staff relied on the office environment as their sense of stability and normality.

From the outset Gertje from Huddle&Learn was able to identify our key challenges, which included maintaining our business at such a critical time. As such the five session plan which covered key themes such as identifying your own motivators, maintaining energy levels, how to prioritise key tasks and how to maintain your our mental wellbeing, helped to really set a new precedent in how we work from home. At 45 minutes per session, Gertje found the perfect balance to allow participants to really focus on the learning, whilst also maintaining their own work. Despite the remote nature of the training, which was a first for us, Gertje was able engage the audience in each of the topics and provide relatable real life examples for participants to ground their learning. The sessions were interactive with well-planned out pre-work, finding an equilibrium between practice and theory.

Gertje is highly effective at building rapport with each of the participants and her infectious energy allowed us to disconnect from the worries of everyday life to really focus on how we operate remotely whilst maintaining our own wellbeing. The course was fantastic and delivered perfectly, I’d definitely recommend this course and working with Gertje.”

Laura Wharmby

Corporate Services Manager

British Embassy Chile

British ​Chamber of Commerce

"As CEO of the British Chamber of Commerce here in Santiago, I run a small multi disciplined team with a big responsibility and a lot to deliver. At the end of 2018 we had some changes to the team which not only changed responsibilities, but also the cultural balance within the team. After a couple of months I could see that we had returned to silo working, with poor direct communication between some of the people even sitting right next to each other. This was the opposite of what I was trying to achieve, which was a flexible team who were prepared and happy to support each other where the effort was most needed at any moment in time.

I realised I needed help and fortunately for me one of my colleagues had recently done some work with Gertje from Huddle&Learn on their team dynamics. So we got together and discussed tactics about how to break down the walls without too much pain and disruption. Because of the nature of the work we do, we were constrained on how much time we could take off line, so Gertje suggested we could run a team workshop using a Myers Briggs Type Indicator framework, combined with a short exercise around Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions.

The workshop worked like a dream. Everyone (even the doubters) joined in fully, and we ended up having a lot of fun. Even after such a short session, people started to understand how we achieve and solve things in very different ways. Gertje continued to support us after the workshop, coming up with some novel ideas and methodologies such as the Kanban board to help us share our priorities and time pressures. We have definitely moved forwards on all fronts, and having Gertjes support was fundamentally important."

Greg Holland

Gerente General / CEO

British Chamber of Commerce Chile


"Gertje from Huddle&Learn was a big help to me during several phases of developing our recruitment, performance support and retention strategies. She has a rare, strong combination of a strategic mind and the drive to work through details. Gertje was also highly effective at engaging with our personnel across all levels to collect information on staff experiences, perspectives and ambitions - in other words, she delivered the fieldwork, not just the desk work. The results: our personnel engagement scores are very high; we reduced the time and effort required to make HR decisions; and I learned a lot that has continued to help me. If you want deep expertise with a drive to deliver on human resources strategy and management, you should contact Huddle&Learn."

Jacob Townsend

Founder and Director 

Seefar Hong Kong

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

"From the outset Gertje from Huddle&Learn ensured that she understood our needs, our team and our individual staff and put together a comprehensive and flexible training and development package that ran over several months.

The use of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator framework allowed us to get a fuller picture of who we are as individuals and how we operate as a team. New insights helped us to understand ourselves better and more importantly, how we can improve. Equipped with new tools and models, such as the Pay-off Matrix and Kanban Boards, individuals and teams put their learning into practice and reaped almost immediate benefits.

I know that for many in our team this training and development and the one-on-one coaching sessions with Gertje served as a catalyst for professional and personal change in so many positive ways.

Thank you Gertje once again for your great engagement, your insights and for making this program so rewarding."

Maciej Dunski

First Secretary and Consul

Australian Embassy Chile

Embassy of Canada

"Our organization has worked with Huddle&Learn over the past years for various team building sessions. Everything the company provides is top quality. From the personalised and constructive interaction with the client, the quality and richness of the content, the flexibility in adapting the proposed tools and activities to meet the needs of the client, the openness and availability of Gertje and her incredible dedication, as well as her presenter skills and the interactive and fun sessions she provides, all of these are reasons why the Embassy of Canada is a return client of Huddle&Learn. The service is always outstanding. I would definitely work with Huddle&Learn again."

Nathalie Gervais

Counsellor and Consol 

Embassy of Canada in Chile

Corporate Vitality​

"We partner with Gertje from Huddle&Learn to deliver employee well-being communications and courses. The reactions from our customers to her training on the 4 Principles of Well-being are very good. The session is well-prepared, interactive, practical and very visual. We are keen to expand our collaboration in the future!"

Laurens van Oosterwijk


Corporate Vitality Netherlands

Dio Agency

"With the training from Huddle&Learn we gained clear insights in the strengths from the individuals in our team. We've identified the overlap, the gaps and opportunities to help and support each other, applying our individual strengths. The tools and hands-on feedback we've received from Gertje, helped us to not only get insights, but also translate the insights into actions and new behaviours."

Jules Weijdema

Dio Agency Netherlands

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