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How we work

Engage to add value to teams 

When you can motivate people to create value together and find meaning in the work they do, they will live more energised, healthier and happier lives.

We have consolidated our insights from research and practice into the Energy & Employee Engagement Hierarchy that forms the foundation of our services.


People are motivated by different things. As an organisation you can create the conditions that make employees more interested in what they are doing and remove barriers. How to best do that depends on the type of organisation you are today and what you aspire to be. It requires a customised approach.

We can help you face-to-face or remotely to improve your employees' experience and engagement across the employee journey map, and align this with your organisational priorities and brand.

We will immerse ourselves in your organisation and will find inspiration from outside to help you identify the right solutions.


By co-designing solutions we recognise the value your team members can bring in identifying more creative solutions that will meet their needs. Because they are part of the process of exploring and implementing the solution they are more likely to commit to the long-term change. Learn more

Help to Change

Having a solution doesn't necessarily translate into behavioural change. We know it takes time to create new habits around new working practices. Change is a lot easier when you can support each other. We can help implement solutions through highly interactive workshops to increase everyone's motivation, wellbeing and performance.

Learn Faster

Finally, we are a strong believer in giving and receiving frequent, accurate, specific and timely feedback. We will use our interactions to share constructive feedback with you and gather insights from the team on how we can improve.

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