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Frequent Asked Questions

What are the prices of each course?

We like to customise our workshops so it fits your needs. This may vary prices slightly. Contact us to discuss what you're looking for. 

What happens if I cannot attend a part of the course?

We record our sessions, so you can always watch the replay. But do contact us to discuss adjustments we can make. 

Can I access a course if I am a single person?

Yes, get in touch with us. We can briefly discuss your needs and set up an individual customised session

Why is HR Consultancy necessary for my organisation?

We can bring our deep expertise in HR, employee engagement and wellbeing to help you share the workload and perform tasks for the HR department. We have worked with different organisations and sectors across the world and can bring a fresh and independent insight to help your organisation perform better.

What is the minimum/maximum of people to take a course?

It depends on the course. For most group workshops it is up to 20 participants to ensure we can make it interactive and dynamic. Contact us to discuss you needs. 

Can I access to a course from anywhere?

Of course. Our courses are offered both in online and face-to-face format. And we are happy to travel and meet your team.

What platform is used for the online courses?

We typically will work with the team’s preferred online collaboration platform or Zoom.

Do you work with NGO’s and other organisations?

We work with both public and private sector organisations. See our Testimonials to read about a few of the organisations we have worked with. 

How many employees does Huddle&Learn have?

At the moment it is just me, Gertje! Learn more about us.

Do you have a physical office?

No, we are a remote working organisation.

Why is Huddle&Learn called like that?

Because we love learning and working with teams. The name combines the best of our work world!

Why is the logo a llama?

The llama symbolizes hard work, strong energy, strength, determination, agility, confidence, social connection and (team) success. It reminds us to focus on what matters most, and to continuously learn and grow so we can adapt to ever-changing needs.

Do you have another question for us?

We'd love to hear your questions and feedback!