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Tricks of the mind and how you can trick it too & be happier

by Gertje Vanhoutte

it’s very easy to lose sight of your own success measures in your work life. And that is because of some annoying features of our mind. Here are three lesson learned. Read more

How to turn a financial goal into reality?​

by Gertje Vanhoutte

Financial worries can significantly impact our wellbeing. Here's how to create positive habits to make your financial goals a reality. Read more.

Old Desk, Old Habits?

by Gertje Vanhoutte

How to embrace the opportunity to shape great every day work experiences as we start to return back to the office. Read more

A Little Procrastination Is What You Need.

by Gertje Vanhoutte

Procrastination can be a killer for productivity, but moderate procrastination can make your brain and your team more creative. Read more

Still at home? Without a paid job? Now what?

by Gertje Vanhoutte

I"If only I had... I would feel so happy" - the things we list often make us less happy than we think. Three interventions can bring a silver lining to the great challenges the pandemic brings. Read more

Don't Dread Remote Feedback. Master It Instead.

by Gertje Vanhoutte

Giving and receiving feedback can be very hard, especially in a remote work setting. With practice you can master it. Here's how to get started. Read more

Home Schooling: Balancing High Hopes and Meltdowns.

by Gertje Vanhoutte

For all those parents out there home schooling: we can do this! Here are some tips and tricks to help our children learn best while keeping our sanity. Read more

COVID:19. Keep Calm and Work Remotely

by Gertje Vanhoutte

To fully embrace remote work as a manager, you need to plan for all the moments that matter. Focus on the "head", "heart" and "hands". Read more

The Art of Empowerment

by Gertje Vanhoutte

How often do you think "I told them how I wanted it done!" The real question is: How good are you at letting go? Empower people and teams in the right way and the results can be transformational. Read more

Get More Done By Doing Less

by Gertje Vanhoutte

Organisations that strategically support breaks and single tasking in daily routines at work will get more engaged, productive and creative employees as a result. Read more

How to Bridge Cross-Cultural Differences in a Globally Dispersed Team

by Gertje Vanhoutte

With more teams spread across different continents, time zones, cultural borders, there is a lot of confusion out there. A human-centric approach can tackle cross-cultural collaboration issues among team members effectively. Read more

Workplace wellbeing: a strategy toolkit

by Gertje Vanhoutte

Workplace wellbeing is not a nice-to-have. It is a key priority for organisations to succeed. It may sound intimidating for small organisations, or start-ups, to put a wellbeing strategy together. But it shouldn’t be. Start simple. Read more